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How we (recruiters, headhunters) sould work & groom us...some short point notes to see...Courtesy- Lou Adler

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  • Persuasion is the key to recruiting, job-hunting, and influencing others‏

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Lou posted a few articles on LinkedIn last week that are useful for recruiters, job-seekers, hiring managers, and just about everyone who needs to influence someone in some way or another. In one of the posts he offered a series of persuasion techniques based on foundational recruiting and selling techniques. Many of these are included in his new book, The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired, which is now moving up the best-seller charts at Amazon. We thought you’d find these tips especially useful:
  • Don’t treat life as a transaction. Consider that there are two broad categories of selling models: transactional and solution-based. Transactional selling is short-term focused with the price determined by the options selected and some discounts for quantity ordered. This is the typical catalog, commodity, or store sale. Solution selling is far more complex and involves developing a custom solution matching the customer’s needs. Making a bunch of short-term transactional decisions and expecting them to collectively lead to long-term positive consequences is unlikely.
  • For any important decision, don’t make long-term decisions using short-term information. Using solution selling techniques can enable a person to avoid transactional decisions, by putting emotions in the parking lot and thinking of the long-term consequences of any decision.
  • For understanding another person’s point of view, listen 4X more than you talk. This is a variation of Stephen Covey’s principle, “Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood.” This is solution selling in a nutshell. For doctors the rule translates to diagnose before prescribing, and for everyone else it’s figure out the problem before offering a solution. Regardless of the role you’re playing in any interchange, listening is a critical skill, and the 4X rule is a useful one to follow in all situations.
  • Don’t ask questions that include the answers. This is a variation of the transactional salesman’s close (e.g., “Would you like the product in red or blue?” or “Will you be using cash or credit?”) The in-life variation involves a person asking a serious question, but then offering only their desired solutions for consideration. This is called a forced-choice question, and while okay for pushing a client into a decision, it’s not so good if you’re trying to have people consider all of the options available.
  • When meeting anyone for the first time, whether it’s a business meeting, an interview, or a social event, measure first impression at the end of the conversation, not the beginning. The point of this is to keep an open mind. Once you form an opinion about someone, you tend to seek out information to support that viewpoint. Once you know the person you’ll discover that first impressions aren’t very predictive. Too many sales people are hired because they make good first impressions, not because they’re hard-working people who have deep product knowledge and seek out win-win solutions for their clients.
In most interpersonal situations it’s best to not be too hungry or play too hard to get. This is especially important in dating. Whatever the situation, desperation is easy to spot and it’s always a turn-off, except when your pet dog welcomes you home after a hard day at the office. The opposite is equally as offensive. Being aloof is one way to turn off every conversation and close down every potential buy/sell opportunity. Instead be open-minded, express reasonable interest, and engage in a sharing of ideas.
Is life a sales job? I guess it all depends on who’s the buyer and what you're selling.
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Maintenance Manager -Saponification(Indonesia), FMCG Manufacturing, 10-20 yrs, Medan, Indonesia

Here we are offering you an excellent opportunity in Leading Asian MNC in FMCG products manufacturing at Indonesia. Kindly go through it-

Post Offered- Maintenance Manager (Indonesia)
Total Positions- 01
CTC Offered- USD 25000 to 35000 equivalents to INR 12.5 to 18.00 lacks Per Annum (Net Salary – USD 2300 to 2500 / Month)
Location- Medan, Indonesia (4th largest City of Indonesia with Metropolitan population exceeding 4 million.)
Age Group- 31 to 42 years.
Total Experience- 10 to 20 years.
Qualification- BE - Mechanical Engineering
Industry- Chemical
Functional Area- Project.
Product- Soap
Management-   L03 Senior

1.       To identify and plan Services & Processes required to various installations, which directly affect Quality and Productivity and to ensure that these processes are carried under controlled conditions to deliver World Class Quality Products at The Highest Efficiency Levels.
2.       To establish and maintain documented procedures to control, calibrate and maintain inspection, measuring and testing equipment used in the company.
3.       Responsible for setting up the appropriate maintenance programs for machine and equipment in coordination with Engineers in maintenance.
4.       To bring machine downtime.
5.       To perform supervisory function for his personnel.
6.       To evaluate what has been accomplished of plans and identify deviations and recommend suitable corrective action.

Candidate Profile-
BE  Mechanical Engineering  Min 10 years’ of experience in a similar field out of which Min 5
                                        years’ experience in Maintenance of Saponification Plants, Toilet
                                        and Laundry Soap Lines.
-        Exposure to Preventive Maintenance Program, TPM, 5-S, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 Procedures, Inventory Management, Microsoft Projects etc.

  - Good command at English written and spoken
                               - Have Leadership Qualities
                                     - Good Technical, Analytical, Presentation, Follow Up & Negotiation

Company Profile-
It was incorporated in 1988 in Kuala Lumpur to promote the export of various commodities and services from Malaysia and the Far East to the Global Markets. Since inception in Malaysia in it has grown to become a highly professional, dynamic and diversified organization employing around 3500 people with interest in Manufacturing, Trading, Marketing of Consumer Products & Logistics Services in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is part of a multi-billion $ Middle East based Large Group.

This company was incorporated in 1999 with the primary objective to manufacture soap products as well as world class quality products such as glycerin and oleo chemicals using state-of-the-art technology. With our recent expansion, it is  today one of the biggest manufacturers of Toilet Soap in South-East Asia.

Dear, if you are applicable for this post then please reply us including same mail body along with your Current & Fresh CV with following details-
1.    Your Current & Expected CTC.
2.    Your Current Job Profile.
3.    How many years’ experience you have in the Soap Manufacturing processes?
4.    Have you exposure to Preventive Maintenance Programs?
5.    Your current Location.
6.    Your Passport Status.
7.    Your Notice Period in Current company?

We are waiting for your Kind Reply.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Asst manager-Vendor Development / Supplier Quality - Casting, Automobile parts manufacturer, Mysore

Here we are offering you an excellent opportunity in one of leading and well-diversified Automobile Company at Mysore. Kindly go through it-

Post Offered- Asst manager-Vendor Development / Supplier Quality - Casting
Total Positions- 02
CTC Offered- Rs. 5.0 to 6.0 Lacks Per Annum.
Location- Mysore
Age Group- 28 to 32 years.
Total Experience- 5 to 10 years.
Qualification- Diploma / BE (Mechanical)
Functional Area- Purchasing
Product- Accessories
Management-   L04 Middle

        Drawing and specification review.
        Conduct APQP.
        Conduct Pre award review with suppliers.
        Adherence to development timing plan & align to customer requirement.
        Development of parts “First Time Right”.
        Systematic Periodic review and appraise management about gaps and status of development of supplier/parts.
        Develop a strong supplier base and implement best practices and build a preferred customer status with the suppliers we deal with.
        Deploy the best manufacturing method, and develop systems to ensure advantage and quality of the components procured.
        Constantly monitor the supplier performance in quality, delivery, and cost and create appropriate strategy to support our business.
        Work closely with Program managers to ensure smooth launch of programs.
        Monitor sample development, PPAP and establish bulk production and capacity at suppliers end.
        Create data bank.
        Work with other functional heads in achieving business goals.

Candidate Profile-
Diplomo / BE (Mechanical)
        Casting industry / Automotive Industry worked in Purchase – supplier development or vendor development area.
        Product  Knowledge
o        Thorough in drawing study and interpretation.
o        Foundry Standards and tolerances practices.
o        Material grades and application.
        Process knowledge.
o        Various Casting process.
o        Foundry equipments knowledge.
o        Knowledge on methoding and simulation.
o        Heat treatment processes.
o        Knowledge on Pattern and core box.
o        Knowledge on Tool design and development.
o        Secondary operations like Fettling, Proof machining.
o        Layout inspection and trouble shooting.
o        Yield calculation.
o        Capacity calculation.
o        APQP / SPC / QC tools.
o        SAP.
        Vendor Selection
o        Vendor audit and assessment
o        Risk assessment and mitigation
        QMS - TS16949
        Knowledge of best practices in Casting industry and process.

Company Profile-
The company is currently the largest independent manufacturer of Rear Drive Axle Assemblies in the country & the Joint Venture between large Indian Group & global leader in providing innovative drivetrain mobility and braking solutions for (OEM). They Cater to large OEM’S in India & export to North & South America, Europe, Australia.

Dear, if you are applicable for this post then please reply us including same mail body along with your Current & Fresh CV with following details-
1.    Your Current & Expected CTC.
2.    Your  Current Job Profile.
3.    For how many years you have worked in auto parts manufacturing companies?
4.    Have you the experience in Purchasing?
5.    Have you the experience in Casting?
6.    Your current Location?
7.    Your Notice Period in Current company?

We are waiting for your Kind Reply.

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