Wednesday, April 13, 2016

CTO / Chief Technology Officer in Mumbai

Job description-

Industry- Technology - IT & Systems
As a CTO, you will design our overarching technology strategy, lead all technology projects. You will also have to build a robust technology team
You would be responsible for taking our product to whole new level while taking care of scalability and new features as per demands of market.
Skills Required:
Front End: JavaScript, Modern browser technologies (to give you a heads up, we use barcode scanners on the browser), Strong UI & UX capabilities, CSS, HTML, Web Sockets,
Databases: MySQL, Solr, Elastic Search, or other similar storage technologies
Testing Automation: Knowledge of at least one programming language, such as PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, JavaScript (Node.js), Go, etc., bug tracking tools, HTTP, SSL, and JSON, testing experience on iOS and Android
Ideal Candidate Profile:
1. B.Tech from Tier-1 Engineering college
2. Demonstrated experience of stud level server side architecture/design – working
3. Winner of hackathon competitions in college/after college
4. Passionate about creating products and taking end-to-end responsibility of the product
5. Fast learner, adaptive, team player – a person who can inspire confidence in his/her team
6. 7-8 years of work experience, preferably in a startup
7. Extremely motivated, creative & analytical; Good communication skills. Most Important - willing to go that extra mile to get the work done
Other responsibilities
1. Monitor all team members and provide necessary advice and guidance
2. Perform periodic risk assessments and initiate risk control strategies
3. Keep up with trends in the constantly evolving information technology industry
4. Perform regular IT audit to discover areas of weaknesses and fortify them
5. Work alongside other departments to achieve company goals and visions
Personal Attributes
1. Should have an understanding of the hyper local business
2. Coach all team members and motivate them to produce desired results

Client is looking for best candidates from Premier Institute and Top internet companies.

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