Monday, July 6, 2009

Panic About Recession

why our friends are showing a very panic view on the current recession period?
Are all the jobs are going to be lost?
The answer is not.You can search any job portal there are so many jobs available in different categories.But we are unable to grab them.It is due to our unconsciousness about our carrier.
When i go through the carrier history inside a resume there were so many job changes looked in the lucrative attractive cv's of my friends.This is why?
If I'm going to join any new organization then my total responsibility should be in the current company not in the new attractive job.But some fellows do not did this.They changed their job frequently and now they are where? You can observe this.
We have to give our full intention towards our job not on the searching of the new job.It should be secondary.But former is primary now.
We are HR companies.We want new cv's but not at this rate.This is spoiling your carrier dear.Except some examples you can see that where are the frequent job changers.
Hope it would change your mind.
Now! it is the big question that when i have to change the job?What is the best time to join a new job?
The answer is- in my view minimum 6 to 12 months for lower posts, 12 to 24 for middle posts and 12 to 60 months for senior posts.
The best time to change- when you reach at the peak of your job as well as responsibility but the seniors are not going to give their full attention towards your increment,incentive or growth along with the promotions.

Don't worry recession is not going to eat your job.May be it harass you.
Just Stay Calm and Wait to your Chance yes my dear big chance.

Thanks dear!